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Wellcome to my website

This page explains everything in the 3dsmax, Photoshop, and it often used CG software-related and does not exceed my skills. I'm going to show you the supplements I use. In addition, the design also say a few words.

As soon as I have the opportunity to it, you will share tutorials. I designed this site myself, and I wrote the last punctuation mark (which is why it remains to be refined). For this was a faithful companion to Photoshop, and Notepad ++ is essential. The whole work took about three weeks, this design was further held that, in part, to see how it would look like because I totally unique site. Wordpress everyone can install. :) That was the first reason is because I did not choose a CMS system. The other reason is uniqueness. I like everything to be different from others, why I let out my website?